Cariño has a variety of  beaches and coves, with soft waves and calm water allowing you for a peaceful swim. The weather is  warm all year long, it doesn´t overtake the 25° in Summer, with a sea temperature of almost 20°.

In the city center of Cariño,  A Concha Beach and A Basteira beach, a large sandy area forming an arch of 1,5 km separated in two  parts for a breakwater, has a gold and greyish  fine sand, calm water and a huge dune area. Located  between  the bay and the promenade, have services of shower, footbath, dustbin services, and children's park in the promenade. It is suitable for windsurf or kitesurf in softing NE windy days.

In the old quarter of Cariño, it is located a small cove named “Peiral do Campo” , getting through down the stairways from O Campo Street. It has a length of 40 m length  and a high cliff area in the back with several  small islands spreading the bath area. Formed by stones in large quantities, there is a part of fine sand on the left side covered with high tide. It is very appropriate for practising underwater activities.

In Figueiroa Peninsule , we have another two beautiful sandy beaches: Fornos and Figueiras. Fornos Beach is a fantastic sandy area of 400 m. length , tourquoise water and greyish  and red fine sand.  These colours surprise the visitors, and they are the  result of the geological materials existing in the Geological Complex of Ortegal Cape. Serviced with showers, and water rescue in Summer. Figueiras Beach is another small sandy area, accessible by stairs. Peaceful waters, protected from the strong winds, is the favourite place for  families looking for calm and relaxing time in a gorgeous natural area . From this point, you can reach other beach called “Os Cabalos”, only accessible in low tide , just in front of Morouzos beach.

GPS Positioning:

  • Peiral do Campo, Cariño , GPS 43.744253, -7.867022
  • A Concha Beach, Cariño , GPS 43.739893, -7.870097
  • A Basteira Beach, Cariño , GPS 43.732029, -7.873235
  • Fornos Beach, Figueiroa – A Pedra , GPS 43.713153, -7.854245
  • Figueiras Beach, Figueiroa – A Pedra , GPS 43.711491, -7.861337