Galicia is famous as a gastronomic destination and Cariño as well. Here touch together sea and mountain, becoming as a result an important range of products like fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables... an authentic mouthwatering delight.

Ortegal Cape barnacles are considered among the  best of Galicia (excellent quality) because of the sheer rocks where they are picked up and its location very pounded by the sea, getting here high quality barnacles.

A traditional dish in  Cariño is the  Berberechos fritos (Fried  Cockles) or “a la Cariñesa”, as they are named served with   red peppers and onions over fried potatoes.

Other traditional dish is the Sardiña Lañada (Salty Sardines), that is made in traditional homemade cooking, in salty keeping: the fish is cleaned and cutted in half , after is prepared in brine and let it dry. It is grilled and served with a loaf of bread or  “cachelos” (traditional galician boiled potatoes cutted in big slices).

Like a seaside village food, the Caldeirada (ray,hake... or a mix of fishes),a kind of fish stew, is other delicious dish that you could taste, just like the Scrambled eggs with algae and sea urchins.

Talking about meat dishes, you can taste our best and high quality traditional beef, served roasted, stewed or grilled. The Galician breed cows, called “Rubia Galega”, are brought to the high mountain chain of A Capelada, nourishing them all the year as a result of high quality beef.

Other kind of traditional dish that you can taste in-season is the Galician Soup, the Caldo Galego (with beef, pork and potatoes), as well as octopus, clams, razor clams, etc.

Talking about desserts, traditional “Chaolas” (Carnival dessert) and  “Freixós” (filloas), a kind of galician  crêpe can be tasted in the village.