Cariño - Ortegal Cape

Medium dificulty route, with a length of 2:30h (return).
It exists the posibility to extend the route one hour more from A Malveira viewpoint, making a circular route ending in Punta Gabeira viewpoint.
It is possible to do only the section from Punta Gabeira viewpoint and S. Xiao chapel, with low difficulty level and 1h length (return).

Cariño - Figueiroa

Low difficulty route, with a length of 1:30h (return).
Circular route around Masanteo Mountain, departing fron the city hall to the south through the maritime promenade, surrounding A Concha bay.
It is possible to make it reverse from the cemetery.


Sailor’s wood

Circular route in the coastline of the parishes of Feás, Landoi and Sismundi.
Highlights include learning about some traditional local trades, such as shoreline boat-building.
The route also offers an incredible view of part of the Ortigueira estuary.

Preserving memories

Circular walk through the old part of Cariño.
On this route you can see some distinctive maritime architecture, visit local viewpoints, and learn about the history of the town’s canning and fishing industry.